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Junkkari wood chippers are available in five different size categories, which are divided into non-direct feeding chippers, direct-feeding chippers and contract work chippers.

The non-direct feeding chippers are the HJ 4, HJ 170 and HJ 250. The material is fed diagonally into the chippers. The blades draw the wood in which makes the work lighter. They are efficient for environmental and landscape chipping.

The HJ 261 chippers are direct-feeding chippers. The feed opening is in a 90 degree angle to the blade disk, so the chipper chops the wood to the cross fibre. They are efficient for heat boiler use.

The towed HJ 500 chipper for contract work has enough power for demanding chipping jobs.

The chippers are disk chippers. The pto-shaft is included as standard.

General Product Info - JUNKKARI HJ170 ...

The new Junkkari HJ170 chipper is suitable for chipping trees up to 17 cm in diameter. As the HJ4 model, this chipper also has a feeding angle of 45 degrees to the disc. The HJ170 chipper comes in two versions, the M model and the G model.

The modern design of HJ170 chipper includes a separate frame and several user-friendly details. The chipper is available as a M-model with no separate feeding device, and as a G-model which is seen in the picture. The safety of the user is secured in the M-model with a patented feed stopper operated by the control handle.

The picture represents the hydraulic feeding device of HJ170 G. It has one feed roller powered by the tractor's hydraulics. The handle is used to control the rotation of the feed roller.

The HJ170 chipper has four blades that can be adjusted continuously depending on the desired woodchip size. The blow wings will finalise the woodchips and blow the chips effectively to the desired location through an adjustable discharge chute.

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