Logbear Felling Grab

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Logbear Felling Grab
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The Logbear FG016 felling grab is a high quality product aimed for the agricultural and forestry industry. The FG016 has a wide range of use from tree top cutting on power lines to basic felling. The felling grab is easy to operate and maintain. The felling grab was developed so that conventional loading does not loose any of it's loading qualities. With the chain saw and tilt added standing trees can be felled and handled as required.

As standard the felling grab has an extremely wide saw bar. Cut brush without the risk of loosing the chain saw. An excellent choice for energy wood and general cleaning. With the same equipment both loading and unloading can be done at the same time. Energy wood cut by a chain saw dries better, because the fibers of the tree remain open. Operating valves for the felling grapple are remote from the grapple and so well protected - can be mounted to different base machines.

Technical Specification - Logbear FG016 Felling Grab
Grab size 0.16 m2 1.72 ft2
Maximum height open 910 mm 35.8"
Maximum overall width 420 mm 16.5"
Jaws maximum width 270 mm 10.6"
Minimum tree diameter 50 mm 2"
Tilting Angle 90
Tilting Lock Automatic
Oil flow minimum 60 to 120 l/min
16 to 32 GPM
Maximum working pressure 200 bar 2,900 PSI
Fastening Sleeve 60 mm 2.36"
Chain Greasing Hydraulic Oil
Sawchain 0.404"
Weight 140 kg 310 lbs
Approximate values for all specifications.
Logbear Felling Grab - Spec Sheet(PDF)

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